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Moravian Sugar Cake

Our homemade Moravian Sugar. 9" x 9" square serves approximately 9 people.

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Our homemade Moravian Sugar cake is just like the traditional sweet bread the Moravian settlers made when they arrived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in the 1740s. Served at church events, this cake has been a favorite of locals since then, and we are proud to continue this baking tradition here at the 6th-oldest college in the United States.

A yeast cake, we make our Moravian Sugar Cake with mashed potato-based dough as is traditional. It's topped with cinnamon sugar topping and is fabulous with coffee or tea, or on its own.

Packaged in a bakery box, this 9" x 9" square Moravian Sugar Cake serves approximately 9 people.

Please order 2 days in advance.

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